Scottie, Tegan with Brown Sides

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Luxurious fabrics highlight the old-world charm of a roomy framed satchel with a plethora of pockets and pouches that offer plenty of organization and while a removable shoulder strap lends carrying versatility.

Scottie Features:
- Comfortablehandles stay on your shoulder
* Stands wide open on its own so you can see everything inside easily
* Sleek, secure closure - nothing falls out
* Available in many plush, beautiful, limited edition textiles

* 10" H x 18" W x 6" D
* 20" double staps and detachable/adjustable shoulder strap
* 6 interior pouches and one zipper pocket
* 13" doctor's frame
* Tuck flap closure
* Handmade in San Franciso Bay

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