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"Pom Pom was founded in 2012 as a quarterly that presents knitting, crochet, and craft in the modern, beautiful, and meaningful way we’ve always known it should be. Mainly conceived as a collection of patterns complemented by thoughtful writing and useful tutorials, we also celebrate the joy of making, hopefully without taking ourselves too seriously!"

Welcome to Issue 33, Pom Pom's Summer 2020 collection, inspired by the concept of air! The designs within the forthcoming pages celebrate the air-filled spaces which bring knit and crochet patterns to life – expect lots of lace and gauzy mohair – but also honor the intangible, liminal spaces which many of us inhabit. The designs, words, and photos within are like a breath of fresh, well, air!

Accompanying the designers’ work is the interview, ‘Liminal Bodies’, by Francesca Baldry with Jacqueline Cieslack, a recipe for meringues by Kat Goldin, and Ocean has written a tutorial for a Floating Floral Arrangement, which appears to be artfully suspended in mid-, you guessed it, air.

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