Salt and Timber - Knits from the Northern Coast (Lindsey Fowler)

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Lindsey Fowler’s knitwear collection Salt & Timber is inspired by the Pacific Northwestern coast. Cherished for its dramatic coastlines, stunning mountain ranges, and iconic evergreen forests, our Pacific Northwest home takes center stage in Lindsey's debut book.  This visually stunning book features 15 cozy designs that are intuitive and easy to knit. The patterns – including socks, shawls, sweaters, hats, mitts and even a blanket – offer thoughtful details, opportunities to make the most of your yarn stash and ways to customize the garments to fit your style.  From rich textures to naturally inspired color palettes, this collection of knitwear designs brings the treasures of our beloved Pacific Northwest into the the comfort of your special knitting space.

Patterns included in Salt & Timber are: five scarves, four pairs of socks, two cozy hats, one sweater, one cardigan, one pair of fingerless mitts, and one blanket. Both chart and written instructions are provided for each pattern.

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