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It’s time once again for the Knitted Wit National Parks Club!

Every month from May-August, we’ll be releasing 4 new parks colorways. This year, we’ll be showcasing other National Parks areas, such as National Recreation Areas, Heritage sites, etc.

And there's fun swag! For every skein you purchase, we'll mark your Parks postcard passport. Purchase 4 skeins of 2021 National Parks yarn throughout the summer, and you’ll get an exclusive patch. Purchase 16 skeins throughout the summer, and you’ll also get an exclusive enamel pin!

About the Monument

In the early 1900s, paleontologists unearthed the Age of Mammals when they found full skeletons of extinct Miocene mammals in the hills of Nebraska - species previously only known through fragments.  At the same time, an age of friendship began between rancher James Cook and Chief Red Cloud of the Lakota.  These two unprecedented events are preserved and protected at Agate Fossil Beds.

Located near Harrison, Nebraska, in the prairies of the Nebraska panhandle, this National Monument intersects many different categories of sites in our National Park system: natural history, indigenous history, and colonizer history.  You can see the actual Agate Beds, which contain the fossils of extinct Miocene mammals, a discovery that unearthed the history of what’s now known as the Age of Mammals.  Visit the interpretive center, which features many instances of indigenous culture and storytelling.  And view first hand the Cook collection - a wide-ranging collection of indigenous artifacts collected by the white settler of that land (much of which was given to him as a result of his friendship with Chief Red Cloud).

Description compliments of the National Park Service.

Color Inspiration

Knitted Wit chose these soft pastels for the Agate Fossil NM colorway because many of the images she'd seen of the park were so soft looking. The rolling hills, the fossils themselves, the big soft sky, we felt we needed a soft and gentle color to reflect that central plains beauty.


Sheep to skein, 100% US sourced, locally dyed fiber.

80% US sourced SW Merino Wool, 20% Nylon
420 yards / 113 grams
7-8 stitches per inch on US 1-2

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