The ShannaJean Club Year 2, June 2021 - The Nines Shawl, Nine of Swords

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"Romance: In Tarot, the Four Nines represent a closing of a cycle, and call for reflection and review. This felt like the perfect time to take some time for reflection, as we are looking forward to a season of opening and widening of our lives and circles. The rhythm of the stitches are perfect for quiet reflection, and the colorways we used are representative of two of the Nine cards in our favorite Tarot deck." Shannon and Lorajean

The colorways are inspired by two cards from Shannon and Lorajean's favorite Tarot deck, Modern Witch, both Nines. Nine of From the guidebook: "Maybe you're going through something truly terrible, or maybe you've been building up an obstacle to be larger than it really is. Either way, it's ok to feel scared or anxious. Talk about it with someone you trust and try to look to the future." Reaching out to our trusted circle is always a good and healthy thing to do.

This kit contains two skeins of Knitted Wit's Pixie Plied (400 yards / 100 grams, 92% SW Merino 8% Lurex)in the club exclusive colorway Nine of Swords.

The ShannaJean Club is a bi-monthly knit-kit club, featuring brand-new knitting accessoriy patterns by Shannon Squire Designs and fabulous yarns from Knitted Wit. Each pattern will be released in February, April, June, August, October and December.

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