The Way to a Man's Heart Sock Kit

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Created for the 2014 Rose City Yarn Crawl, and inspired by our local community, Beaverton. 

“In 1912, the ladies of the Beaverton Grange cooked up a plan to help pass the Oregon vote for Woman’s Suffrage. All the men were summoned to the Grange Hall to vote on the issue, some traveling a long way by horse and buggy. The ladies had a sumptuous potluck dinner waiting, and while the men enjoyed the meal, the women pleasantly suggested that the men vote in favor of the female gender. One German man shouted “I vote for the Vimen!” and the others followed suit." City of Beaverton Official Website

The Way To A Man’s Heart is a deliciously red, uber-soft pair of socks, sure to win over whomever’s heart you knit them for. An enchanting heart motif framed between two delicate cables adorns the sock’s back leg, while broken ribbing envelopes the front. The surefire key to anyone’s heart.  We've re-imagined this fabulous cuff down sock design, knitting it in The Fibre Co.'s phenomenal new eco-friendly sock yarn, Amble.

Each kit includes 1 skein of The Fibre Co. Amble (70% Easy-wash Merino wool, 20% Easy-wash alpaca, 10% recycled nylon, 355 yards / 100 grams), color Red Scree, and The Way to a Man's Heart Sock pattern.

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