Classy Cashmere - Assigned Pooling Colorways

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Applied pooling!  This fabulously fun technique has the yarn lead you on a knitting adventure.  Kind of like coloring by number.  With assigned pooling, different stitches are 'assigned' to the color changes within a skein of yarn - the background color of the yarn is knit using one stitch, while a special textured stitch is worked when you come to the accent color. How the yarn is dyed decides where the special texture stitches will occur.  Soooo much fun!

Dream In Color has created a collection of gorgeous colorways specifically with assigned pooling in mind, dyed on their Luxe base, Classy with Cashmere.  Dream In Color's most popular yarn for every type of accessory – it’s easy to tell why once you feel, see and knit with it.  The incredible stitch definition comes from just the right amount of twist. The brilliant sheen makes their jewel colors sparkle and shine. This combination of super soft merino blended with a fine cashmere makes it a favorite for shawls, scarves and anything you want to wear close to your skin!

80% super wash merino wool, 10% fine cashmere, 10% nylon
4-ply worsted weight 4 oz. = 200 yds
4 -4.5 st/inch US size 7 to 8
Machine or hand wash gentle, lay flat to dry or 10 min in warm, not hot dryer

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