Store Hours

12 - 5pm Daily


Curbside Pickup available from 10am to 5pm;

Noon to 5 on Sundays

Our online store is open 24/7!




COVID-19 Update

May 13, 2021



The CDC says fully vaccinated folks no longer need to wear masks in most public places, and Oregon's following suit.  Thank you Oregonians for getting a shot (or 2) in the arm.  Our yarnologists are well on the way - all have had at least 1 shot.  Until we're all fully vaccinated, however, our COVID-19 precautions will remain in place.


* Please wear a mask and socially distance while in our shop. *


* Please limit your shopping time to 20 minutes or less *



See our COVID-19 Status Page for a full list of the steps we're taking.