Darning and Beyond! Mending Your Knits. June 1st

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Darning and Beyond! Mending Your Knits
Saturday June 1st

Elise Webb

Does your favorite hand-knit scarf have pesky moth holes? Is your big toe peeking through the end of your sock? Do the cuffs of your store-bought sweater need some love? Or do you just want the confidence to take apart and re-knit your cherished hand-knit pieces? Join Elise for a truly enlightening 2 and a half hours. Together, we’ll look at how to “read” your knitting to choose the right fix. Anything from a classic darn to invisible re-knitting!

Supplies you'll need. A swatch and tools for learning and practice will be provided. But please feel free to also bring any and all garments you have that are in need of mending. We won't finish them in class, but we’ll talk about how best to tackle each item. You should also bring any mending tools you may already have such as darning thread, darning needles, or locking stitch markers. All of my tools will also be available in class to play with.

*This is an in-person class. $50, plus supplies.

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