Meet Gnimble!

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Meet Gnimble!

Another gnome in Anne's Grimblewoods collection. And I think a new favorite!


"Gnimble is a reporter for the local newspaper, “Gnome News Is Good News”. (And can’t we just agree that it is a marvellous fact that gnome news really is good news?) He enjoys talking to local sources (although gnomes call them friends), finding out the latest scoops (like “Little Gnipper eats triple-scoop pumpkin ice-cream cone!”), and writing articles." Sarah Schira


My newest gnome companion! And what a fun one to knit. This is the 14th Mystery Gnome Along from Sarah. Clue 1 dropped on April 18th, and it finished up on the 29th. And as usual, a new and unique way to knit an adorable little stuffed creation was revealed.


This was the first time she designed a gnome using self-striping yarn, and I must admit, I wasn't sure how that was going to play out. But to my amazement, Sarah put that colorful yarn to work in a completely unexpected way - we knit the body from side to side, shaping the body using German Short Rows. What a blast! Once the body was completed, the little gal / guy was grafted together up the back. Then on to the hat. After creating a welt for the brim, we picked up stitches for the hat. And what do you know, more short rows, making a whimsical hat that curved to one side, then came back down to a point. Thank you Sarah for keeping things interesting!


After stuffing and closing up the base, a big round nose, arms, and slippers were attached. One of the things I love about knitting gnomes is how you deal with weaving in ends. You don't! after attaching a body embellishment, you simply dive your tapestry needle into the body, pull it out on the other side, and snip it. Easy peasy! The final bit of whimsy was accomplished by attaching one of Gnimble's hands to the tip of his / her hat, making it look like Gnimble was playing with it, twiddling it through her / his fingers. Too cute!


I enjoyed this one so much, I'm thinking of doing another. I have some self-striping yarn that looks like a classic Hudson Bay blanket - white background with stripes of red, navy blue, green and yellow. Or maybe I should kit a red, white and blue one in honor of the summer Olympics? a Gnymnastics gnome!


If you want to join me down the gnome rabbit hole, visit Sarah's Imagined Landscapes website HERE. And a big treat is on the horizon - Sarah's first book, "The Gnomes of Grimblewood," due out in early fall. Yes, of course, it will be available for purchase at For Yarn's Sake, prominently placed on our shelves, and surrounded by a plethora of gnomes.




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