Our 2024 Shop Patterns

Our two patterns this year speak to the 2024 Crawl's theme, Pacific Northwest Flora and Fauna. For both, we drew inspiration from the lovely Western Meadowlark, pretty pink Thimbleberries, and our state's wild and foraged Chantrelle mushrooms. Both shawls feature the wildly popular new technique, assigned pooling.


On A Lark



On A Lark draws its inspiration from three of our favorite Northwest flora and fauna - Oregon’s colorful Meadowlark, the bright pink Thimbleberries this lovely songbird loves to eat, and our state’s official mushroom – the delicious and elusive Chanterelle.  A Half-Pi shaped shawl, On A Lark incorporates a variety of assigned pooling stitches, allowing you to play with this new, wildly popular technique.  Much like the Meadowlark gathering bits and pieces to construct its unique nest, you’ll choose amongst the stitches, placing them where they’ll work best to create a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


“Assigned pooling occurs when a change in stitch and texture is assigned to changes in color within a skein of variegated yarn.”
Dawn Barker, Barker Wools


A very special acknowledgement (and thank you) to Dawn Barker – the creative force behind the knitting technique, assigned pooling – for both inventing and inspiring the special stitches used in this pattern.



Lark In The Morning


As a fan of folk songs, the Western Meadowlark, with its bright plumage and beautiful song reminds designer Shelly of an English folk song, "Lark in the Morning." Thus the name. The overall shape of the shawl is akin to a bird's wingspan, and V-stitches are used throughout to pay homage to the dark V patch of feathers on the Meadowlark's breast. For the assigned pooling color, we have a lovely red-pink shade quite similar to Thimbleberries - one of the Meadowlark's favorite snacks. It's so similar in fact, that Shelly chose to use a bobble-stitch variation to make her own Thimbleberries in this design. We hope you have as much fun making and wearing your Lark In The Morning shawl as Shelly had designing it!




On A Lark (knit) and Lark In The Morning (crochet), are both worked with the same yarn -  Dream In Color Smooshy (80% SW Merino, 20% Nylon, 420 yards / 100 grams). Dream In Color created this gorgeous assigned pooling colorway, Razzle Dazzle exclusively for us and the 2024 Rose City Yarn Crawl. Each of our designs uses different yardage and colors. Therefore, we've put together two different kits, specific to each shawl pattern. The Razzle Dazzle On A Lark kit includes 2 and a half skeins of Smooshy - one full skein of Razzle Dazzle, one full skein of Sunflower, and a half skein of Sunflower. Our Razzle Dazzle Lark In The Morning kit includes one and a half skeins of Smooshy - one full skein of Razzle Dazzle, and a half skein of Brownie. Single skeins of Razzle Dazzle are also available, should you want to make your Lark In The Morning a tad bit larger. Make a purchase from For Yarn's Sake during the Crawl, and these lovely patterns are yours to download for FREE!


Razzle Dazzle knit and crochet kits, as well as single skeins go on sale March 7th.



Continuing to Support Our Community



As in past years, 10% of our shop pattern kit sales will be donated to Michael's Place. Created in 2005, Michael’s Place is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization where adults with developmental disabilities have the time of their lives working and playing with 50 Miniature Horses, 6 alpacas, and gathering eggs from 25 chickens. Individuals with disabilities who may be afraid of a standard size horse jump at the chance to embrace the small ponies. Their goals are to help each participant have a good day, teach skills, increase self-esteem, increase confidence, mobility, and recognized as productive successful individuals. We're incredibly excited to support the ongoing good work of this wonderful organization, offering a unique environment for adults with special challenges to thrive.