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Everything that you'd want from a sock yarn; soft and comfortable, yet strong enough to withstand lots of wear. It's machine-washable too, making Amble very easy to care for.

Unlike most washable sock yarns Amble uses alpaca and Merino wool that has been treated using the Easy-wash process. This makes the fibers machine-washable, without using the hazardous chemicals that are often used in producing machine-washable wools, making it the best environmental choice for sock yarns.

We also added recycled nylon to the blend for added strength and durability. This comes from the leftover industrial waste of producing nylon, keeping it out of landfills and using fewer production resources like water and fossil fuels than virgin nylon.

70% Easy-wash Merino wool,
20% Easy-wash alpaca, 10% recycled nylon
355 yards / 100 grams
8 stitches per inch / US 1.5 (2.5mm) needle 

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