About Binkwaffle

What is a binkwaffle???

Binkwaffle is a game made up between father and infant son when our youngest, Aric, was a colicky newborn. It was one of the only things that kept him happy for what seemed like forever, so the word became a permanent entry in our family's dictionary. When we needed a cute and catchy name for our birth announcement business, it seemed like a great name! Catchy, VERY original, yet memorable.

While the business has moved away from announcements for the most part and has evolved into a knitting accessory business over the last few years, the company name has remained the same. Some things just stick!
How often do the fabrics change?
Our fabrics usually change as often as we run out of one roll of fabric and replace it with another. The same fabric is seldom reordered, which keeps things fresh for you, for us, for our stores, and for our sewing crew! You don't get more artsy and ADD than Binkwaffle! :-)

Some stores purchase specific fabrics in their orders, while other say "Surprise me!" Those stores often get the current fabrics as well as a few random bags with "old" fabrics we're finishing up, new ones we're trying out, fun one-of-a-kind yardage we've found along the way...

Some of our stores already have a customer call-list for anytime one of our shipment arrive, so they can add another bag to their collection! 
How do I care for the bag?
Our fabrics are best washed by hand, although most will handle a delicate cycle in the washer just fine. We recommend air drying and spot ironing if needed. The fabrics can withstand pretty high iron heat, but don't melt your grommet in the process! Been there, done that... 

Remember, too, that if {gasp} a stain ever affects one side of your bag, it's reversible! Flip that thing around and you have a new bag!

Where are your bags made?
Our bags are sewn and assembled in the US. Most of our fabrics come from the US, as well.