The ShannaJean Club 2022 Explore the Rainbow - Rainbows and Unicorns Shawl (November)

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It's time for us to get magical once again, for our November Explore the Rainbow kit. We've used Shannon's Rainbows & Unicorns shawl pattern, and chose two colorways that sparkle together: solid Clematis and variegated Indigenous Artistry, We've used Indigenous Artistry for color A and Clematis for color B, but switching those up would be gorgeous, too. 

There’s nothing more magical than rainbows. Unless, of course, you’re talking about unicorns. Now, put those two together, and you’ve got something really special. And that’s what this shawl is: special. It’s fun, funky, and a great excuse to use a speckly, sparkly colorway. It’s a tasty treat that will have you reaching for it again and again when the temperatures plummet and the days shorten.

Each kit includes 2 skeins of Knitted Wit Sock (US sourced sheep to skein, 80% SW Merino, 20% Nylon, 420 yards / 115 grams), and a code to download the pattern (printed on the inside of the ball band).

Created by two best friends to celebrate sharing their love of making, The ShannaJean Club is a bi-monthly knit-kit club, featuring knitting accessory patterns by Shannon Squire Designs and fabulous yarns from Knitted Wit.

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