The ShannaJean Club 2022 Explore the Rainbow - Sagittation (December)

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ShannaJean is closing out the year with a super-fun scarf, perfect for snuggling into, or gifting to a knitteable loved one!  Sagittation is an arrow, straight to your knitterly heart.  SHannaJean rounds out the 2022 rainbow of colors with "Blazing Star" a gorgeous dusty pink,  and "Love Is Like A Butterfly" - a variegated menagerie of all the colors seen as a butterfly flutters by.

Each kit includes 2 skeins of Knitted Wit Sock (US sourced sheep to skein, 80% SW Merino, 20% Nylon, 420 yards / 115 grams), and a code to download the pattern (printed on the inside of the ball band).

Created by two best friends to celebrate sharing their love of making, The ShannaJean Club is a bi-monthly knit-kit club, featuring knitting accessory patterns by Shannon Squire Designs and fabulous yarns from Knitted Wit.

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