Floops Stitch Markers

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Floops were born out of mild to moderate knitting frustration. Mass-produced stitch markers you find on the market today are hard and coarse. Handmade stitch markers are generally lovely but just as 'blunt'- and equally hard to maneuver. The answer - these soft loops of color.

They won't save the world but we think you'll enjoy using them - and looking at them!

Floops are lovingly handmade in the beautiful mountains of Vermont.
Choose between Mini, Small, Medium, Small/Medium mix or Assorted (mini, sm, med)
20 markers per set
'Skinny' markers are a finer gauge than the regular Floops
Use any size Floops marker with any size needle you prefer. The idea is for both needles to fit comfortably into the marker for easy sliding - but here are some recommendations:

Needle size (US) - Floops size
US 000 thru 4 - small
US 5 thru 9 - medium
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