Holiday Halfsies

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Let the Holidays begin!


Introducing Madelinetosh’s Holiday Halfsies sets – a one-and-done, complete gift for knitters and crocheters.


Each set comes packaged in a color-coordinated MT x della Q Oh Snap project bag, and includes 4 half skeins of Tosh Merino Light, and pattern postcard for the knitted Fourever Shawl w/ bonus crochet shawl pattern available through the postcard’s QR code.


Available in the following offbeat color combos:


Yeti - a tangle of podiatric issues, fur, & alpine lore. Includes colorways Yeti, Court & Spark, Birch, and Sky Wash.


Spiked Punch – a bubbly blend of mystery fruit, unfortunate decisions, & holiday decor. Includes colorways Spiked Punch, Beautiful Liar, Real Friends Don’t Lie, and Poison.


White Elephant – mixes the lesser angels of our natures w/ pandemic Ebay purchases & 20 years of in-law gift giving. Includes colorways White Elephant, Bee Wax, Oeste, and Cenote.


The Patterns.

Introducing the Fourever Crescent Shawl by Lena Skvagerson, the secret project in our Holiday Halfsies sets. Designed for all levels, the Fourever Crescent Shawl is a long narrow crescent w/ flounce edging that uses all 4 half skeins of each Holiday Halfsies set. And a bonus secret crochet alternative. Win, WIN!


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