Knitted Wit HerStory Club 2023

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We're doing it again!  With so many fabulous female authors and their work yet to explore, the book club theme deserves another year.  Focusing on untold stories, HerStory 2023 will once again shine the spotlight on female authors across a large swath of genres.

The HerStory Club was born out of a desire to learn more about women who have made a difference, the unsung heroines, and creating unique colorways inspired by their contributions.  Each month's HerStory release is available in either Knitted Wit Sock (80% SW Merino, 20% Nylon, 420 yards / 113 grams), or Knitted Wit DK (100% SW Merino, 280 yards / 115 grams). Both are 100% USA sourced sheep to skein.

January 2023 - Mia Songbird is the first HerStory honoree of the year.  Her transformative book, "How We Show Up: Reclaiming Family, Friendship, and Community" discusses how building community and forming deep personal relationships with others enhances our lives.  Learn more HERE.

February 2023 - This month spotlights Octavia Butler.  Known for her science fiction prowess, Octavia resists being pigeon-holed into a genre, instead claiming loyalty to three audiences - black readers, science-fiction fans and feminists.  The  vibrant colorway draws inspiration from the third book's cover in  her wildly popular trilogy, Xenogensis, also known as "Lilith's Brood."  Read her Love Letter HERE.


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