Madelinetosh Hue of the Moment

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MadTosh already has a pretty extensive library of colors, but there's no such thing as too many colors. This is where Hue of the Moment comes in. Each month they'll debut a new hand-dyed shade (or shades!), it'll live on this page, and it'll be here for a short time before it goes away.

Each month, we'll have the Hue of the Moment available in both Twist Light (Plied 75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon; 420 yards / 100 grams) and Tosh Merino Light (Single-ply 100% SW Merino wool; 420 yards / 100 grams).

  • June - You Do You.  A colorway that is big, celebratory, and speckled with the confetti of unfettered joy in being true to oneself.  In honor of Pride Month 2022.
  • July - Mood Booster.   A bright hit of morning light, Zumba, and hugs from your coolest grandma rolled into one wavy colorway.  Serotonin in a skein!
  • August - Everything on Pause.  Relax, Lovies!  Everything on Pause invites you to nap, read, eat ripe fruit, and make pretty things.
  • September - Shroom With A View. Food. Adaptogens. Psychedelics. Textiles. Biofuels.  Fashion inspiration.  What can't mushrooms do?  Bright muses in all shapes, sizes and colors.
  • October - Frontier Stars.  Celebrating boundary breaking women everywhere.
  • November - Brace For Impact.  Inspired by comfort food, Brace For Impact is based on the all-important question, "What does it take to prepare for uncertainty?"  For us, it's a yearning for favorite tastes, and gathering around the table with those we love.  We hope you enjoy this lovely autumnal colorway as much as we do!
  • December - Dancing on Ice. Vintage ice skates.  Angora sweaters.  Circle skirts.  Hot cocoa apres skate.  And a candy cane.  You can almost smell the peppermint and evergreen on this perfect-for-December pretty speckled color.
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