Shannon Squire Designs

Thursday March 7th

10am to 3pm




"I’m Shannon Squire, and I think it’s safe to say that I am completely and totally addicted to knitting. I have at least a bazillion projects on the needles at any one time, and am always dreaming up new designs."

Shannon Squire


Shannon's been designing hand-knitting patterns since 2010, striving for enjoyment in her designs, above all else. She thoroughly enjoys designing, and wants those who knit her creations to thoroughly enjoy the making. Shannon will be with us in spirit this year - she and Lorajean recently opened the Craft Emprium, and Shannon will be staying back to man their shop. But her beautiful designs will be showcased on Thursday. Come by and see Shannon's awesome talent on display.

Find Shannon's designs on her website ShannonSquireDesigns and Ravelry




In addition to her own design venture, Shannon is the wordsmith for Knitted Wit. She writes the Knitted Wit newsletters, and is behind a lot of the KW communications. She also designs oodles of projects in KW yarn every year, and always has at least a few socks in KW Sock on the needles at any time.



In 2020, Shannon and her bestie for life Lorajean - lovers of yarn and knitting and laughing and spending time together - decided to join their creative forces, launching The ShannaJean Club. A yarn-and-project club, it showcased the dyeing talents of Lorajean and the designing talents of Shannon.

The 4th and final year of the ShannaJean Club - Explore the Rainbow kicked off in January2023 with the theme 'lean into ease.'  One featured color a month, working our way through the rainbow by showcasing a lovely tonal one month, and a fun bespeckled version of that solid the next.  All dyed on Knitted Wit's popular DK yarn, and with three different options for making - choose to knit a featured 1-skein pattern, or either a knitted or crocheted blanket that will incorporate all twelve of the rainbow colors explored over the year. While sadly the adventure came to a close at the end of December, you can still take part - we have lots of ShannaJean kits still available.

Learn more about this awesome, not-to-be-missed adventure, and see all the fun projects to be had HERE.





A few of our favorite Shannon Squire designs




Take A Break Socks

January's ShannaJean Club 2023 - Explore the Rainbow featured pattern

Fun and fast and snuggly as all get-out! Take a break and knit these soothing socks. Read a good book, watch a tear-jerker RomCom, listen to your favorite music. Take some time for you, because, well, you deserve it!  And your feet will thank you.  These simple yet lovely socks are knit with Knitted Wit's DK.  Shown in the January ShannaJean colorway, "Liberally Bleeding Heart."

Purchase the January ShannaJean Club Kit HERE

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Shannon's Take A Break Socks pattern is for sale HERE




The ShannaJean Birthday Hat

December's ShannaJean Club 2023 -Explore the Rainbow featured pattern

This is the final Explore the Rainbow package, and we ended with a favorite - The ShannaJean Birthday Hat pattern paired with the lovely Bespeckled Lavender colorway. Add a pom-pom that's a walk down memory lane from the year, incorporating all of the past colorways from 2023, and you can color us content!

Purchase the December ShannaJean Kit HERE

Purchase Knitted Wit DK HERE

The ShannaJean Birthday Hat is available to download HERE





Uni-horn Magic

Friendship is magic, and so is this shawl.

The shape and colorplay are reminiscent of the horn gracing the forehead of the world’s sauciest unicorn.  The color possibilities are endless, so go to town!  Use two fun opposing colors (maybe a solid and a crazy speckled), or just one - a shawl all made with your favorite color.  Jazz it up with 8 different colors for the mesh sections, using Knitted Wit's new mini skeins, Gems.  Want your creation to really sparkle?  Knit it with Pixie Plied.

Uni-horn is knit in fingering weight yarn; total yardage needed is 725 yards

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