Spincycle Yarns

Spincycle Yarns is a two-woman operation established in 2004. Rachel and Kate produce luxurious yarns, hand-dyed and spun into small batches of perfection. The yarn in your hand is the product of our desire to merge the beauty and texture of a handspun yarn with a more efficiently produced millspun yarn. We collaborated with a nearby woman-owned fiber mill on Washington’s coast; this collaboration ensures that our yarn maintains the color artistry of our original handspun yarn. Because we dye the fiber before it’s spun, the color shifts are subtle, unexpected, sensual.

The two of us kettle dye all of our fiber and then use a combination of millspinning, handspinning & hand plying to create yarns that we think are pretty special. Why, you wonder...?

Color! We do it and we do it well! We dye in the wool, and our process creates color shifts that happen slowly. Dramatically. Fluently.

Every single skein is unique.

We started dyeing & handspinning ten years ago. Three years ago, we took our knowledge in kettle dyeing & fiber and joined forces with a local mill to bring to you vast amounts of our yarns. (Ok, "vast" may be a stretch, but having been exclusively a handspinnery for so long, watching our mill spin in an hour what used to take us a week... seems VAST!)

Folks who have worked with our yarns before know that, although we do our darnedest to photograph everything in real light, every skein is unique (we can't say that enough!) & therefore probably won't look exactly, precisely like the ones in the photos. Think of our colorways as moods! Pick yours and watch the layers each skein creates as you knit.

Our kettle-dyeing process is slow and meticulous, and results in loooooooong color changes and unpredictable transitions through the skein... Every skein is like a snowflake! Or a fingerprint! One-of-a-kind, like you. When planning for a larger project requiring multiple skeins, allow for nuance. And enjoy!

xoxoxo, Rachel and Kate

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