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'Tis the season. Time with those you love. Listen to timeless (and sometimes hokey) Christmas music. Eat. Decorate. Shop. And reflect on the things that we're grateful for. I have quite a few.

What a wonderful Turkey Day!  From morning to night, there were so many little moments to be thankful for.  Here's just a sampling.

Three furry friends.  As I've mentioned many times, I have quite the cherished way to start most of my days.  Early in the morning before the rest of the house wakes up, in my corner of the couch next to my knitting, a hot cup of coffee, a warm blanket and fire, and three little furry wonders curled up in various places around me.  Let me introduce you to my three non-human best friends.  Note the Harry Potter inspired names.  And gratefully, none of them eat or chase yarn.  Woot! Woot!

There's Lily, a very sweet, Labradoodle.  Oh, she has her issues, like being afraid of her shadow.  But she's a loving, loyal companion, always vying for the coveted spot on the couch curdled into my leg (where she is right now, by the way).  One couldn't ask for a better knitting buddy without opposing thumbs.



And then there's the terriers.  Technically they're dogs.  But I often wonder whether a little bit of feline somehow got bred into this particular group of dogs.  Oh, they are loyal . . . when they want to be.  And they will do anything to please you . . . when they want to.  Obedient?  Well, yes, when they so choose.  But what personality!  Big dogs in tiny bodies.

Petunia, a West Highland White Terrier joined our household nearly 8 years ago, along with Lily (they were born within three weeks of each other).  She's definitely the Queen of the roost, in a passive aggressive kinda way.  She also loves that spot, tucked in by my left leg.  If unavailable, however, the back of the couch, looking on as I knit is a close second.  Her quirk?  She watches TV.  Really watches it, waiting for a dog to appear so she can bark at it.  Did you know that nearly every drug commercial on TV has a dog in it?  Petunia figured that out long ago.  Just hearing the music (another common feature of drug commercials - very similar music in the background) brings her running.  But barking aside, a true sweetheart.



Which brings me to the newest member of the dog menagerie - Albus.  This feisty little Cairn Terrier joined us last December.  A spark plug of energy!  It's taken the older two a bit of time to get use to him, but they're finally accepting that he's here to stay.  His favorite place is anywhere there's room to get close to me.  Literally anywhere.  On the back of the couch behind my head with his little tush perched on my shoulder (or the reverse, with his front paws and head draped over my neck).  On top of my lap, and anything else that might be there, like my knitting project or pattern.  Across my legs, so I can't move.  Oh Albus, you are a character!



Three lovely granddaughters - my gaggle of girls.  Having recently had knee surgery, I was ever so grateful for the help of these three lovely young ladies - Sophie (9), Claire (7) and Rosalie (4).  Setting the table, putting out snacks to munch on whilst watching the Purina Dog Show (my favorite TV of the entire year), chopping vegetables and bread, and pretty much everything else I needed.  What a wonderful phrase to hear, "Can I help, Gramma?"  And this year, Sophie joined Albus on the couch, knitting.  A secret project that she started a year ago.  She's joined the rest of us makers in the realization that it's not such a good idea to put that WIP down for too long, as it was a challenge to recall which row to knit next (it was actually hard to find the project period, buried under all of my started-but-not-finished things).  Gramma to the rescue!






My awesome kids!  With me hobbling around on a crutch, I was reliant on others to do things as simple as grocery shopping, cooking, finding the holiday candles, putting on my shoes, . . . Thank the stars for my wonderful kids - Hanna, Julia, Devin, Andrew, and son-in-law John.  Hanna and Julia jumped in and did everything from shopping to cooking to helping drink several bottles of holiday bubbles.  Yay!  Funny story I have to share.  We call Hanna 'Hama Sandwich' - when born, the lady who wrote her name down for the birth certificate misspelled her name, and ever since, Hama has stuck.  Thank you Hama Sandwich and Jo for being such amazing daughters!  Devin took on the all-important role of chauffeur, getting Gramma Boots home safely, as well acting as Turkey Carver in Chief.  Andrew pretty much stayed out of the way, watching Christmas movies (Home Alone is a fave), which is always helpful.  And John - a gem of a son-in-law every parent should hope for.  Besides being a great dad and husband to Hanna, he's a fantastic dishwasher!  Every Sunday night (and holiday), he's up from the table before anyone else can stop him, dish towel and sponge in hand.  What a treat!  Thank you John!






Finally, and of utmost importance, there's this handsome guy.



My best friend, co-parent, husband, and love of my life for more than 40 years, Jay.  Thank you for putting up with my moaning and groaning about my sore knee.  For being my taxi driver, my left hand while mine was occupied by a crutch, bringing me ice bags (and beers), for doing all the grocery shopping, taking the dogs out in the morning when you really wanted to sleep in, and so much more.  You are the best!  And I am beyond lucky to have you at my side.


Oh, and I almost forgot.  I'm grateful for gnomes!!!  Who's ready for a new Mystery Gnome Along?!  December 1st is just around the corner.  I'm sooooooo ready to cast on my Gnome-Made Gifts.


Let the holidays begin!




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