Mysteriously Spooky Knitting

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Mysteriously Spooky Knitting

A mystery knit with a theme! A delightfully fun Halloween cowl just in time for trick-or-treating. Boo!

First, apologies. I went on vacation, and just couldn't pull myself back from island pace. But here I am again, ready to share my latest knitting adventures. Going forward, watch for monthly posts, I promise.


Now for the mysteriously spooky knitting. As you know, I am a sucker for a mystery knit-along. So when Miss Babs announced a Haunted House MKAL, well, I couldn't resist. From designer Stephanie Lotven, 13 days of haunting stitches, appropriately reaching the finish line on Friday the 13th. Check her out on Ravelry - this was not her first scary knitalong.


My colors were not very inventive - Halloween inspired neon chartreause, purple, orange, dark green, white and Black.  But perfect for the motifs involved.  The first few clues were textured stitches.  A spider stitch, witch's eyeballs, cauldrons, and broomsticks.  Super fun to learn new stitches.  Who knew you could create a spider with yarn.  After day 4, it was all out stranded colorwork.  lightning flashes, pumpkins, white ghosts, flying bats, and creepy skeletons. What a blast, waking up each morning to a new colorwork adventure.  Even my husband enjoyed seeing what unfolded on my needles for 13 days.


And the best part?  I finished.  I made it through each daily clue ON TIME!  All the ends are neatly tucked in (hint to all you lovers of stranded colorwork - save yourself some finishers remorse and weave in your ends as you go), it's been blocked, and my Haunted House Cowl is ready to wear on October 31st as I answer the door to witches, ghosts, black cats, and monsters (hopefully a princess or two), all wanting candy.  Happy Halloween!




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