Pretty In Pink Cashmere

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Pretty In Pink Cashmere


Imagine my delight when our sales rep from Shibui, Sandy delivered a perfectly pink skein of Pure Cashmere to give a test knit.  For a while, I just stared at it, awe struck.  The perfect, palest of pale ballet pink, shimmery and oh so soft.  Beautiful enough to just untwist and wear around my neck as is - no knitting required.  Aaahhh!  After the initial wonder, however, it was time to see what my needles thought.  What to knit, what to knit?!  There was that lovely free Juno pattern from Shibui.  Every person in the world deserves a long swath of ultra-soft cashmere around their neck.  But I never choose the obvious, or easy.  And I wanted something to wear around my neck that just made me feel happy, and not have to bother with long ends getting in my way, or it slipping off my shoulders.  Hmm?


Enter Laura Aylor's cowl design, Chicory.  A very simple, yet beautiful design that makes the yarn the star.  I discovered Laura's pattern several years ago - actually Anne of Alpha B yarns introduced me to the cowl, wrapping one around my neck knit with her decadent, awesome yarn, Sexy B.  A glorious blend of silk, cashmere and baby alpaca.  The beauty of the pattern is it's simplicity.  Just two rows to repeat over and over until your yarn is used up, or you decide it's the perfect height.  And very adaptable to any weight of yarn or length, as the pattern repeat is a mere 2 stitches.  I have one in progress for my granddaughter, who requested a teal cowl.  Using worsted weight yarn, it goes really quickly.  Lace?  Not so much.


I'm making my Chicory so that it will drape around my neck hang down just a few inches below my chin.  A very slight drape, so that I can feel it close against my skin.  Even making it small, though, there's a lot of stitches, what with a 7-8 stitches per inch gauge.  192 to be exact.  But who cares.  I'm knitting with pure cashmere!  If it takes me a really long time to see progress, I'm OK.  My fingers (and knitting needles) are having an exquisite play date with heavenly softness.  And that's the ultimate for a process (versus product) driven knitter like me.


You can get Laura's Chicory pattern on Ravelry HERE.  Which ever yarn you choose for yours, have fun!




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