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A bespoke tool for creating knitted cord.
Designed by a maker, for makers.

While we love the way i-cord looks, what a hassle to knit. The slow, boring, repetitive process of sliding those fiddly little stitches over and over and over and . . .

Enter, the Cordsmith. This simple tool allows you to create a row of i-cord with a single movement, replacing three knit stitches and the time it takes to slide your stitches back to your working needle again. The handle is made from 3D printed plastic with three stainless steel latch needles. Successfully tested on fingering weight yarn up to bulky! The Cordsmith's creator Autumn added a special touch for us our custom made tool is in our signature pink and stamped with our yarn skein logo. A tool that makes the i-chord process so much more enjoyable, and faster too!

Yes, it really is that fast and it’s easy enough that kids can use it too!

To learn more about how this amazing little tool works, visit By Autumn's website HERE.


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